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I was talking to a nice gentlemen recently who had read my rust article. He wanted to know if the guys who had redone his Camaro did it correctly. I asked him if he had any photos of the resto process. Well in fact he didn’t. But he described what he had seen when he visited the restoration process. I had a few follow up questions that he couldn’t answer, bottom line I can not stress enough how important progress photos of your restoration or car build are. Photos are the only way to document what was done to your car.
Moving forward I think this guy has some interesting questions about how to properly repair or restore the body on any car.
Let me start this explanation by saying that I was learning the body trade in the late 50s. Continue reading

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Hot Rod wiring do’s and don’ts

Are you building your dream car or are you contemplating buying a custom one of a kind car that was built by someone else?  I have bought a few custom built  cars over the years.  Many of these car builds were done by “professional” builders.  Others were done by guys just building their dream machine.  For me many of them had one big mistake in common. Continue reading

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Hello Everyone.  I will be posting soon!

72 Mustang

72 Mustang

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1955, 1956, 1957, Chevy rust: where to look

Rust is the biggest problem with all metal bodied cars.  The Tri-five Chevys are now 50 plus years old, there is going to be rust.  Or there is going to have been rust repaired.


Rust! Oh my!

For the 55, 56, and 57 Chevys there are always “places” where rust will show up.  We can typically see rust on the exterior surfaces. Front fenders above the headlights, front fenders on the lower back corner just in front of the door, on the lower edges of the doors, rocker panels, rear quarter panels on the lower edge just in front or just aft of the wheel well opening.  In the last few years there has been an increase in the number, type, and quality of after market replacement and patch panels for the Tri-five Chevys.  Continue reading

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